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A Friend
Maureen Bridget Cavanaugh
January 7 1955 - April 4 2005

-=Things Maureen Loved=-

Chris Plum - Husband and friend for 30 years

Glenn Gould - especially the 1955 Goldberg Variations by Bach

Reading - Books were her first love, including Pride and Prejudice.

Food: Chocolate Moose - her mother made this from scratch.

Bird Watching

Big Dogs - Newfoundlands and Saint Bernards

Cats - wise ones.


France - where she discovered herself.

Art - from Greek to modern Favorite

Beverage - Tea with a fresh slice of Lemon.

Classical Music - Bach, Beethoven, etc. - and Pink Floyd, too.

Travel with Chris


Orchids and flowers, especially lillies

The woods of northern Minnesota


Planting things - from flowers to apple trees.

Chinaware: Portmeirion’s Botanic Garden china


Note: Goldberg Variation 32 playing currently.


Maureen's Lillies - Photo from 2006 at the last home she lived at.

11430 Blackwelltown Road, Midland VA 22728


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