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Memorial created 04-29-2006 by
A Friend
Maureen Bridget Cavanaugh
January 7 1955 - April 4 2005

One of the greatest pains is when we think about a friend or family member that has missed some personal or historic event that would have brought more meaning to their life.  It is the experiences of life that enrich us - far more than mere wealth.  I know I often wish I could tell my parents about some wonderful event or to commiserate with them about a sorrowful turn in my life.  I know Chris feels very strongly about this and misses Maureen as a sojourner beside him.

Eventually, our journey ends and so does the regret of not being with those who have died before us.  If you are lucky maybe a few people will keep your memory alive while they live.  However, after ten times the time that Maureen has already been dead you can be sure for most of us that only our name, birth and death dates remain to those alive.  By the way, it helps to have an artistic grave stone. Time really does not care for the past.  The few artifacts we find, such as fossils, represent only a small fraction of what has happened on this Earth.  Our collective memory of what has happened in this Universe represents such an insignificant fraction of the wonders and horrors of reality that it is basically nonexistent.



Dane Sorensen

April 2015


August 1970

 Hail Maureen, full of grace, our love is with thee; blessed are thou amongst women, and blessed is thy fruitless womb.  Holy Maureen, Mother of Muse, pray for us lovers, now and at the hour of eternity.  Amen.

Found in 2015
Found in 2015 (Student Volunteers) Summer 1970
Found in 2015 (Student Volunteers) August 1970
Found in 2015 (Student Volunteers) August 1970

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