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A Friend
Maureen Bridget Cavanaugh
January 7 1955 - April 4 2005



Final Thoughts


It is July 7, 2006. A fine sunny day with wild Daisies, Indian Paintbrush, and lupines blooming everywhere in my part of the world. A day one wishes I could share with those that have left this world. We never get enough sunshine. So much of our lives are spent in pursuit of unmemorable things.

I have finished my task and final gift to Maureen. I do not believe in the afterlife, but I do know that those you cared for are with you for as long as you breath. For those of us who knew Maureen / Bridget I have built this site to help us remember some of the details that time might have forgotten. Not only of her life, but of our lives as well.

It has been a sad month, with the additional death of my dear friend Richard Harrison and the failing health of my mother - it is only love that can make things like this bearable.

There is no rhyme or reason for what I have put on this site. She was a creature of her time and yet transcended the banal to worship only wisdom. She saw more beauty in the past than in the present. A sin, I confess to as well.

Much of the content comes from Chris Plum, Nancy and from Maureen, herself. What I added was minimal. I thank Chris and Nancy for helping me fill in the gaps and to more fully understand the remarkable person I only knew for about 15 months. After France she had changed and moved beyond my world. At this point in time I actually have been in contact with Chris longer than I knew Maureen. He is as remarkable a person as she was and I wish him well in his new goals.

Wisdom. Wisdom is Beauty. It is what makes a mind like Maureen’s a shining star. Perhaps the biggest flaw of this Cosmos is the utter brevity of such minds.

My son, seek wisdom’s discipline while you are young,

And when your hair is white, you will find her still.

Come to her like a farmer poughing and sowing;

Then wait for her plentiful harvest.

If you cultivate her, you will labour for a little while,

But soon you will be eating her crops.

Ecclesiasticus 9:18-19

Dane C. Sorensen





Ashokan Farewell


July 7 was Maureen's half birthday and it would be a day celebrated like a mini-birthday, complete with chocolate cake.


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