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Maureen Bridget Cavanaugh
January 7 1955 - April 4 2005

Oct. 1970 Dear Barbara, After talking to you last Thursday and reflecting on what Maureen has told me, I feel that you should know several things in trying to help Maureen leaving for college before her Senior year. I wish I could see you to tell you this, but this week will be too busy. During the art class I remember her as being very reserve. It was only during the last three weeks in the program that I discovered what an interesting person she is. I believe what interested me about her was that she is so bright. I believe you also felt this way. Since the program, I have talked to her in her home and on the phone. During these talks she has told me many things about herself. My image of her has changed and I se her now in a light that is somewhat depressing. Since first grade Maureen has hated school. The reasons for this hate are many, but so far I know of only a few. As you know children can be the cruelest people in the world. She entered school a year earlier than most kids and this can some times cause problems. During her second grade she was sick during most of the school year. In either fifth or sixth grade she had problems at home. Her mother and father separated for a year. This I could sense from her voice was very hard on her. I can remember how much I hated grade school and I can imagine what she feels. She admits she is a nihilist. I, myself, cannot accept that nihilism is a productive or life promoting philosophy. I see it as only a state of mind where one feels alienation, frustration, and hopelessness. I think that she may have this state of mind, but she is not in any physical danger. It may be more accurate to say, I hope she is not in danger. It is depressing to think that Maureen could end up going to a shrink like her two older sisters. It is depressing that she takes sleeping pills every once in a while. It is depressing that she became hysterical two weeks ago this Saturday. Ab imo pectore,


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