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Maureen Bridget Cavanaugh
January 7 1955 - April 4 2005

August 19. 2005 Thank you so much for your letters and for your thoughts. I am still reading and thinking about your thoughs, Maureen's thoughts and fears. It definetly is something for my notebook of memories. I still haven't reread the many letters I have saved, and the many loving cards. That will be done in the near future. I appreciate the energy you have spent, which has helped me more than anything in trying to sort through Maureen's death. I know now that there is no need for anger, nor for being resentful that you are the only person who has attempted to help me in the last three weeks. I would like to send you and Candy something in the next days. It is from Maureen, when she was in Vermont, and seemed to be growing in the cold winter season. Thank you again. I appreciate your words. Nancy (and George too).


August 9, 2005 Thank you for both last week's mail and for the offer today. Yes, I would like to have the updated biography. I have told George it was a big, big file, and he said it should work. I I have spent time looking at things on the WEB. This afternoon I went through a box of old correspondences from Bridget, and will soon try to put them into chronological order, to try and make sense. I also made a small photo albumn.


May 31, 2006 The site was more touching than I had imagined. Reading and listening to was amazing for me. I will soon sign the guest book and add a few thoughts. Earlier, in 'April, I had emailed Chris. When neighbors told us that Chriss was going to attend G'Town Law, I wrote and suggested some places for him to consider. More than a month later, he replied that VA still has too many negative memories, and he is still trying to get to neutral. So I have waited and thought about how to respond. I am sending him a few pages from a book that I have found most helpful: Unattended Sorrow by Stephen Levine. I do hope this is an OK gesture. Bridget is still so much in my thoughts. I am still seeing her. (Like when I went to a museum recently, I was startled by a woman who might have been Bridget.


On Christmas -


This is still the way I remember her - young and smiling. That is now how I try to keep her in my heart.

We went to the ocean on Christmas Day and sat and watched the ocean and the rain and listened to the surf. It was excellent. We've been putting away the Christmas things and so many remind me of Bridget and my Mom. I wrap them with clean tissue paper, and wait for another year to enjoy them again.


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