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Memorial created 04-29-2006 by
A Friend
Maureen Bridget Cavanaugh
January 7 1955 - April 4 2005

Maureen and Chris ,when they started Black Dog Apple Farm, also started to breed and show Newfoundlands. It was more a quest to promote this stunning breed, than a business. Each Newfie, from Tyche to Rosebud, had a place in Maureen's heart and they never failed to bring a smile to her lips.


Maureen Cavanaugh and Chris Plum

Silver Spring, MD 20902





American Canadian Champion Halirock's Tyche CD (1980-1990)

Halirock's Winged Victory CD (OFA NF 1470) (1982-1990)

Ch. Halirock's Vermont Voyageur CD (1981-1993)

Am Can Ch. Captain's Agathe Tyche CD (1983-1994)

Am Can Ch. Halirock's Great Expectation CD (OFA NF 2002)(1984-1998)

Ch. Tyche's Achates CD (1985-1995)

Am Can Ch. Tyche's Alcinous Am Can CD (1985-1995)

Am Can Ch. Tyche's Aurora Borealis Am Can CD (OFA NF 2325)(1985-1999)

Am Can Ch. Itasca Maya's Shadow Dancer CD ROM (OFA NF 2362) (1986-1996)

Am Can Ch. Tyche's Classic Kodiak (OFA NF 2962) (1987-1999)

Ch. Tyche's Demeter (OFA NF 3576) (1989-1997)

Ch. Tyche's Deus Ex Machina (OFA NF 3532) (1989-2000)

Ch. Halirock's Wunderbar ROM CGC (OFA NF 3936) (1990-1997)

Ch. Pouch Cove's Iustitium (1990-2005)

Ch. Tyche's Echo CD, DD, CGC, ROM (OFA NF 4038) (1990-2003)

Ch. Tyche's Fleur de Lys (b. 1992)

Ch. Tyche's Friar Tuck CD (OFA NF 6230) (b.1992)

Ch. Tyche's Galen (OFA NF 5665/NF EL 531) (1992-2003)

Ch. Tyche's Ion (OFA NF 5159/NF EL 328) (1993-2000)

Versatile Newfoundland Champion Tyche's Iphigenia CD, DD, WRD (OFA NF 4944) (1993-2004)

Tyche's Itika Beaumonte CD (1993-2002)

Ch. Tyche's Imperial Thor (1993-2005)

Ch. Tyche's Lex Sacra (1994-2006)

Ch. Tyche's Malena (1995-)

Ch. Tyche's Marmaduke (1995-2003)

Ch. Tyche's Minerva (OFA NF 6086/NF-EL772)(1995- )

Ch. Tyche's Mr. Noah Webster (OFA NF 5870/NF-EL 657)(1995- )

Ch. Halirock's My Tyche (OFA)(1995-)

Ch. Tyche's Naida CD (1997-)

Ch. Tyche's Nauti-buoy Hermanlee (1997- )

Ch. Tyche's Neptune (1997-)

American Canadian Champion Tyche's Never Say Never (1997- )

Ch. Tyche's Nike CGC (1997-2007)

Ch. Tyche's Nomos (OFA NF 6423/NF-EL955) (1997- )

Ch. Tyche's Astraea CD, DD, CGC (OFA NF 6879/NF-EL01242 (1997-2004)

Ch. Whisperbay's Sophrosyne Tyche (2001-) ("Rosebud")


Home of:

Champion Tyche's Nomos (OFA NF 6423/NF-EL955) (1997- ) ("Nomos")

Champion Tyche's Nike Canine Good Citizen (1997-Feb. 26, 2007) ("Nike")

Tyche's Odyssey (1999-) ("Odyssey")

Champion Whisperbay's Sophrosyne Tyche (2001-) ("Rosebud")



American Canadian Champion (Am Can Ch.), American Kennel Club and Canadian Kennel Club Champion

Champion (Ch.) Dogs must acquire 15 points including 2 majors won under different judges and at least one point under a third different judge in American Kennel Club.

Versitile Newfoundland Champion (VN), for completion of an AKC conformation championship, AKC obedience title, NCA DD (Draft Dog) and NCA WRD (Water Rescue Dog)

Canine Good Citizen ( CGC), The purpose of the Canine Good Citizen is to en sure that our favorite companion, the dog, can be a respected member of the community. Dogs must pass a 10 items test.





Sadly, Nike passed away this Februay 26, 2007.


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