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A Friend
Maureen Bridget Cavanaugh
January 7 1955 - April 4 2005

Candice Frisk Photo Journal of Maureen

Candy and Maureen became very good friends very quickly upon meeting in June 1970 at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts Student Volunteer Program. In the summer of June 1971 the two girls borrowed the Frisk's station wagon and camping equipment and set out for Lake Independence. During the first day of camping, which was June 12, 1971, Candy took three rolls of pictures. This probably represents the single most photographed day in Maureen's life to still exist.

Chris Plum said his wife told him that she remembered this camping outing. I think it was probably one of the first times that Maureen had of enjoying the outdoors. Her parents were not exactly the outdoor type.

The photographs of the trip actually were lost, but in the summer of 2005 I found the negatives and scanned them into my computer. I had 2 sets prints made and presented them to Chris and Nancy in December 2005.

I think my future wife did a great job capturing the charm and innocence of Miss Maureen Cavanaugh from Golden Valley.

This was all before things became too complex between the three of us. Now some thirty plus years later they show a time when friends could be friends and enjoy uncomplicated things like molasses cookies and hot coffee.


Setting up camp.


Where is the flashlight?


I found my shoes!


Time for me to shoot you. Unfortunately, according to Chris, Maureen threw out all the photos from the years before college.



I breathe and they are breathless


I breathe and my lungs hold and gives


Much more than air within my ribs


I breathe and they are next to my heart


With every breath I take, we meet and part.


Gretchen - Maureen's St. Bernard dog was brought along for "PROTECTION".


I need more film.


End of Roll Two


Here the two young ladies did a self portrait of them sitting on the 2 seater outhouse.


More Scandalist behavior attempted.


More Nature Photos


Summer life.


Time for a coffee break.


Let's eat.


Coffee and cookies.


To friends.


Outrageous laughter






Another cookie.


Photographs by Candice K. Sorensen


Music from London production of Whistle Down the Wind / If Only


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