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Maureen Bridget Cavanaugh
January 7 1955 - April 4 2005

Education: J.D., University of Minnesota Law School Ph.D., M.A., Cornell University B.A., Swarthmore College While Professor Cavanaugh's scholarly career began as a professor of Classic Studies, her law degree and subsequent interest in tax law has grown into a successful career in private practice and teaching. Covering a range of federal income tax and employee benefits issues, Professor Cavanaugh's research has combined her interest and education in classics to help shed new light on modern tax problems, and she is renowned for her innovative work joining classical history with tax policy. Credited with contributing significantly to the public debate on tax policy, Professor Cavanaugh has authored more than fifteen articles and publications in addition to presenting numerous lectures at conferences and symposiums nationwide. After receiving her J.D., Professor Cavanaugh practiced tax law with the accounting/consulting firm of Coopers & Lybrand, L.L.P. in Minneapolis.

She began her legal teaching career at Washington & Lee Law School in July 1998. While at Washington & Lee, she was named Alumni Faculty Fellow in 2001-2002 and Law Council Fellow in Teaching Excellence in 2002-2003.

Professor Cavanaugh teaches Federal Income Tax, Corporate Tax, Employee Benefits/Pension Law, and Tax Policy.

Publications: “Tax as Gatekeeper: Why Company Stock Is Not Worth The Money,” 23 Virginia Tax Review 365 (2003). “On the Road to Incoherence: Congress, Economics and Taxes,” 49 UCLA Law Review 685 (2002). “Aristotle and the Rule of Law,” The Washington & Lee School of Law Magazine (Spring 2001). Works in Progress: “The Rule of Law: Rhetoric, Reality and Implications for Tax” “Popular Sovereignty and Taxes: The Roman Republic and the Roman Empire” “Tax Collection, A Government of Private Function: Some Lessons from the States and Antiquity” “Nomos Redux: Self, Identity and the Conflict Inherent in Norms and Law”


As listed on the Penn State - Dickenson School of Law


Professor Maureen Cavanaugh spoke Latin, Greek, French, Italian, as well as some German.  Her native tongue was midwestern English.


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