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A Friend
Maureen Bridget Cavanaugh
January 7 1955 - April 4 2005

Age 7


Young Maureen with puppies


Prof. Cavanugh 2004


Prof. Cavanaugh 2004


Coffee & Smiles with Candy Frisk


Life is work


Camping June 1971


Camping June 7, 1971


Maureen - Joy of Camping


August 1970 - Judy & Maureen


1970 MIA


Summer at Student Volunteers - Judy, Candy & Maureen


1970 Student Volunteers at MIA


Summer 1970 Maureen pondering art


Maureen at the Art Institute


On the MIA bus tour to St. Johns


MIA Bus Tour 1971


Making a film at MIA 1971


MBC, CKF, & JN 1970


At Minneapolis Institute of Arts 1970


The Three Sisters of Art Picnic 1971


Theodore Worth Picnic 1970


Our Lincoln Del picnic at Theo. Worth Park


Judy and Maureen (newly found photo


Windy Hair at the picnic 1971


Maureen with Dane and Diane Sorensen


Dane Sorensen's graduation - Candy, Dane & Maureen


Soudan Mine Tour 1971


Maureen at Soudan, MN 1971


High School Grad Photo


Bridget and Mom


Walking into School for Graduation


Visitation Graduation 1971


Brides of Knowledge


Vis Graduation 1971


Graduation Photo 1971


Swathmore College 1972


Swathmore in 73


Swarthmore College 1973


On farm


Maureen in 1985 with Newf pup.


Maureen with her immortal stone


Trying to sleep...Black Dog Apple Farm


With Newfoundland 1980


Roman Forum


Greece again


Cat Walking - Maureen and Seymour 1980s


Spring 1980s


Greece 1980


Cat moment


In Middlebury 1980 - Studying


Domestic Goddess - mid 1970s






Athens - Living is easy in 1980


Reading Death on the Nile - While in Greece 1980


Maureen in Greece 1980


Sun Babe in Athens 1980


Middlebury 1980


Middlebury - Dog Moment - Early 1980s


Mistress and friend - Early 1980s


Winter in Middlebury Early 1980


Relaxing in Middlebury - Early 1980s


Studying with Athena - about 1981


Buzzing around in Greece 1978


Egypt in 2000 - being the tourist


2003 Maureen teaches in Florida


Maureen with her beloved pets. 2004


Dec. 2004 -last photo of Maureen smiling with her beloved pets: Nomos (greek for law) Stewie & Nike


Japan 1998 with Chris


Last Photo by Chris of Maureen 8 days before she passed away.


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